"Jewels of the Creek"

 Past Presidents and their Themes

2015-2016 Barbara Strauss A Vintage Year; Wine
2014-2015 Rickie Rubenstein Treasures of the Sea; Sea Shells 2002-2003 Beth Nichols
2014-2014 Pat lopinto Change, Power, Poise; Dragonfly 2001-2002 Carol Carver Beautiful Bamboo
2012-2013 Nancy Erion With A Song in my Heart 2000-2001 Sally Spoehr
2011-2012 Peggy Cutrino Power of One 1999-2000 Kathy Manchester (D)
2010-2011 Cheryl Steimle A Dazzling Year 1998-1999 Pat Marrkand
2009-2010 Camille Kay Best in Show; Blue Ribbon 1997-1998 Shirley Keyser
2008-2009 Maureen Zygmont The Magic of Friendship; Oriental Fan 1996-1997 Jacquie Reichert
2007-2008 Sue Foley Lane Butterfly 1995-1996 Edie Meyer
2006-2007 Helen Sullivan Something More; Feather 1994-1995 Judy Gannon
2005-2006 Elaine Kopf It's All About You; Rose 1993-1994 Jean Herold
2004-2005 Linda Roop Hicks (D) 1992-1993 Fran Schar
2003-2004 Linda Marshall Hibuscus Flower 1991-1992 Jean Herold
1990-1991 Shirley Jordan
1989-1990 Sally Cowan