About Marsh Creek Women's Association


The Marsh Creek Women's Association is a not for profit organization which originated in 1989. The primary purpose of this association is to provide an initial contact for new Marsh Creek Country Club members. Click here to read a copy of our Bylaws.

 Over the years, our mission has grown to include other activities.  In addition to our monthly luncheons, we also organize social events and provide support to local charities and members. Click here to see what our Care Committee does and for the "Cribs to Crutches page".

 Our luncheons take place on the second Wednesday of each month, from October through May. We strive to provide good food, fun, friendship and entertainment.

 We are associated with the Marsh Creek Country Club and in order to be eligible for MCWA membership, you must be a Country Club member.  Sign up by mid-September to be included in our Directory. 


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