Welcome to MCWA




The theme of the MCWA 2017-18 season is
"Paths and Journeys Converge."
Welcome to the MCWA Website. We are pleased that you are viewing our website because you will find much helpful information about MCWA.


Our  2017-2018 theme is "All Paths and Journeys: Converge." Just imagine all the collective years of experiences of traveling those paths and making those journeys are within our MCWA membership. We are fortunate that our individual paths/journeys have converged here in our beautiful St. Augustine paradise, so now let us continue together on our MCWA journey.


The Board, Officers, and Committee Members have designed another terrific year for our members. We hope that you will participate as fully as you can among a variety of monthly programs and luncheons, monthly social events, our first time " Friendraiser Party: Jimmy Buffet: Cheese Burgers in Paradise," Care opportunities, volunteer opportunities, charities support, the Major Fund Raiser, and the Art Show.


Best wishes,


Lydia R. Daniel 

MCWA President